Passport Photo Rules & Regulations

Getting your passport photo can be a stressful and confusing responsibility, especially if you already have to make a rush order. Make sure you understand the passport photo rules prior to taking your passport photo.

For example, UK passport photo standards require the following:

–  recent photo taken within one year
–  white background
–  photo quality needs to be high-level
–  color photo
–  skin tone must be an accurate match
–  look straight into the camera
–  neutral expression, no smile
–  body facing forward
–  dress how you normally dress, so no uniforms
–  religious attire you wear every day is acceptable

Common Reasons For Passport Photo Rejection

There are a few reasons your photo will be rejected. While some are common sense, most other reasons for passport photo rejections are technical. Which is why we recommend taking this task to a professional who does it every day and is well aware of the acceptable standards. Keep these points in mind for your own passport photo:

–  blurry images are not accepted
–  any shadows on the face not acceptable
–  photo MUST BE taken with a neutral background
–  DO NOT wear your glasses or sunglasses (even if you wear them all the time)
–  DO NOT wear any uniform or any costume
–  DO NOT wear headphones
–  DO NOT wear a hat or head covering (Religious head coverings accepted)
–  Photos must be the correct size
–  the person must be framed properly within the photo

How to Get the Perfect Passport Photo

The best way to ensure your photo is accepted is to have it taken at one of the many nationwide professionals that offer passport photos as an everyday service. But if you have no possibility you can make the high-qualitative photo by photo-camera with a high-resolution image. We’ll make the correct size of photo and background by ourselves.

Regular passport processing can take 2-3 days or longer. If your photo is rejected, then your passport application will be delayed before you will make the correct photo.

Our team offers you specialized, front of the line passport services right to your door. The last thing you need after all of the time expense & effort you put in, compiling your new documents – is having your passport producing rejected due to technical problems with a photo. We provide you with all the details and support you need to get your new passport. We offer expedited services if you need a new passport in a hurry – not more than 2-3 days!

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